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Interviews can be difficult to find all of the information needed to make a great hire. U.S. Electrical Staffing can help make the process easier. Check out our Interview Guides for best practices, tips and advice from our recruiting experts.

Interview GuideFor you, the manager/owner/president, it is important for you to hire the best, because it will influence your career path within that particular organization. A terrific hire will make you indispensable in your company’s eyes. A wrong decision can sometimes put an end to your tenure there as you will be judged by the performance of your subordinates. Preparing for the interview allows you to use your time efficiently. Interviewing time costs you and your organization money in that it is not a revenue producing activity. By having a set agenda you keep the interview focused and on track. This projects a positive image to the candidate and allows you to feel comfortable that all of the bases have been sufficiently covered. Let our Interview Guides, guide you along this process.