Job: Substation Supervisor

Title Substation Supervisor
Location Kansas
Job Information

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Job Description: The role and responsibilities of the Substation Supervisor are directly connected to the overall performance of the Substation Area in regards to Safety, Quality, Cost and Delivery. To be successful within this role, the supervisor must maintain credibility and set the standards to reflect a great work ethic, a strong commitment to the company’s policies and a desire for continuous improvement that focuses on the profitability of our facility and customer satisfaction.
Role and Responsibilities

  • Experience in working within an environment that is fast paced and contains hazards that must be monitored daily.
  • Must create a culture that encourages open discussions and safe work practices.
  • Must possess the ability to build bench strength so that our facility has candidates for future growth and leadership opportunities.
  • Must learn to make hiring choices based on Character and Integrity along with current skill sets.
  • Must learn and understand the complete process so that we eliminate the potential of operating outside our process standards.
  • Must learn and understand our Environmental and Safety procedures. Knowing and understanding the integral details of our abilities to safely perform the work we do and within our Environmental Regulations is a top priority.
  • Must learn or possess the ability to create training material and teach technical skills as directed.
  • Must learn or possess the skills to utilize “Influence” instead of relying completely on authority.
  • Must learn or possess the ability to perform Root Cause Analysis on all Safety and Quality related issues and report findings to the Plant Manager for review.
  • Must learn to implement Corrective Actions to prevent reoccurrence of failures.
  • Seek opportunities to lower our costs and increase our profitability by utilizing the parts harvesting process and cross-training efforts to eliminate OT costs.
  • Maintain production tracking so that we can monitor trends and identify training opportunities for the departmental production personnel.
  • Must take ownership of the facility and remove obstacles to prevent production stoppages.
  • Must lead daily/monthly safety meetings and monitor daily activities to identify at risk behaviors.
  • Must lead weekly production meetings with each departmental lead to determine the adjustments needed to accomplish weekly goals.
  • Must update material spreadsheets and accurately account for finished product as well as product in the raw material storage areas so that we can forecast revenue for the current month.
  • Must make housekeeping a priority due to the affect it has on overall safety performance and morale.

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

  • 5 years directly supervising production personnel.

Additional Requirements

  • Adhere to all safety policies and set a good example for the personnel in which you lead.
  • Monitor employee’s to eliminate at risk behavior and poor job performance. Properly document any deficiencies so that we reflect a consistent approach to each and every incident.
  • Complete UniTime daily so that HR can complete their tasks in a timely manner in regards to payroll activities.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of all equipment is being performed to accomplish safe operations.
  • Complete weekly safety inspections of the departmental equipment and tools to prevent potential injuries.
  • Identify all scheduling conflicts and communicate them to the Plant Manager.
  • Ensure finished goods storage areas are utilized effectively and that the product is stored properly within the designated areas.
  • Ensure all departmental personnel certifications remain up-to-date.
  • Build strong working relationships with key personnel from outside facilities and internal departments.
  • Must be able to identify and understand the differences of the product classes and what values each hold regarding salvage and recondition inventory.
  • Ensure proper maintenance operations are being conducted to prevent potential failures and safe operations of all the equipment within the Substation area as well as on all of the mobile equipment which includes trucks and trailers.
  • Ensure all personnel receive adequate training to perform the tasks assigned.
  • Ensure housekeeping is a top priority due to the affect it has on departmental safety.

Examples of daily activities

  • Complete morning stretches and safety discussions with departmental personnel.
  • Review UniTime at the end of the shift to ensure any deficiencies are corrected.
  • Monitor departmental activities to ensure Safety policies and Environmental procedures are being performed properly.
  • Inspect finished goods to ensure product is not mixed or mislabeled.
  • Assist in product load out and/or receiving of goods.
  • Follow up on equipment transfers between remote facilities to ensure commitments are being upheld.
  • Perform inventory audits to ensure accurate documentation.
  • Monitor product flow to ensure schedules are being met; make any adjustments needed to prevent carry over by transferring human resources between departments as needed.
  • Review incoming equipment documentation to identify discrepancies within customer criteria.


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