Job: Site Safety Manager

Title Site Safety Manager
Location CA
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Under the direction of the Regional Safety Manager and Project Management team, the Health and Safety Supervisor will be responsible for providing support to the project management team, supervisors, foremen and workers.    This position will provide leadership and coordination of the day-to-day safety requirements of the assigned project.

The Site Safety Supervisor reports to the Safety Director and is responsible for, but not limited to, the following:


  • Provide support to the project by maintaining a visible presence to the field performing site visits to the entire project at least once per shift, if possible coordinate with the project manager.
  • Assist in the coaching, mentoring and implementation of the HS&E programs in the field.
  • Regularly review and be familiar with all applicable legislation and applicable standards, to ensure compliance.
  • Inform the project management team and supervision of any new or conflictive legislative matters that could impact the project.
  • Develop a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) for the project to ensure a safe work environment for all company employees, contractors, visitors and community.
  • Regularly audit the JHA for compliance and update to ensure the alignment with project scope and conditions.
  • Review safety obligations of the clients and ensure they are carried out as per the terms of the agreement, and communicated to the Project Manager, Supervisors, Foreman and Safety Advisors.
  • Represent the company, customer and their employees to identify strengths and short falls of knowledge and training of safety in the work environment.
  • Monitor safety performance of projects and ensure company procedures and regulatory requirements are met and exceeded.
  • Create Job Hazard/Job Safety Analysis for jobs.
  • Perform safety audits of company crews while on job sites and perform periodic compliance audits.
  • Maintain and develop the safety program file for each job.
  • Reference safety audit coaching opportunities with OSHA CFR.
  • Create written reports and documentation of safety audit.
  • Immediately correct items or conditions out of compliance to safety standards or company policy.
  • Review safety audit with the crew ensuring understanding and provide copy of safety audit to supervisor.
  • Facilitate prompt close out of all corrective action plans.
  • Provide copy of written safety report to management to include Field Safety Manager, Operations Director, Safety Director, and President.
  • Coordinate matters of safety, health, and welfare with all levels of management.
  • Lead or assist with accident or near miss investigations to determine root cause and corrective actions.  Ensure that all accidents and near misses are reported and documented.
  • Immediately stop any work where there is an imminent danger.
  • Participate in the safety committee.
  • Participate in or chair safety conference calls.
  • Ensure that sufficient PPE is available and used appropriately.
  • Represent the company at safety meetings and conferences.
  • Keep up-to-date on all company safety policies, OSHA, ANSI, and other regulatory standards.
  • Ensure that all safety equipment is properly maintained, inspected, calibrated and repaired or put out-of-service as necessary.
  • Ensure that all vehicles are inspected and properly maintained to include ensuring that they have the required safety items stored properly to include fire extinguishers, first aid kit, safety data sheets, dry air and cylinders, etc.


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