Job: Electric Motor Mechanic

Title Electric Motor Mechanic
Salary Market / Negotiable
Location Throughout the U.S.
Job Information

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An Electric Motor Mechanic is responsible for but not limited to:

  • Test, inspect, evaluate, dismantle, repair and reassemble AC and DC electric motors, generators, and pumps.
  • Disassemble and remove armature, stator or rotor from frame or stators.
  • Examine coil connections for broken or defective wiring.
  • Examine all parts for cracks, wear, rubbing, broken or out of tolerances for specific parameters.
  • Examine bearings, shafts and other moving parts for excessive wear of defects
  • Test coils, armatures, stators, rotors and field coils for continuity, shorts and grounds and insulation resistance.
  • Measure and record machined parts fits and prepare parts for assembly.
  • Assemble and test rotating machine for specified performance.

Successful candidates will have the following:

  • High school diploma or GED; certificate from a Technical School in a mechanical or electrical trade is a plus
  • Strong familiarity with various electric motor & generators
  • A solid mental acuity to accurately follow instructions and work procedures
  • A positive, team-oriented attitude in which you will take pride in your work and hold yourself accountable for the quality and accuracy of your work
  • A solid mechanical aptitude, including ability to effectively use all common hand tools
  • Basic PC skills
  • Ability to read, write and speak clearly in English
  • Be willing to potentially work any shift with overtime
  • Travel if necessary
  • Regularly stand and work in one place for extended periods, have excellent finger dexterity, good hand/eye coordination, and good eyesight



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